SDress is one of the pioneers of sustainability with the new environmentally sound and smart approach to dressing.

Established on the environmental principle as a vision for the aesthetic that is compatible with the pace of modern life and addresses the fashion industry’s impact on our planet, whilst not compromising on style. The design adapts to the woman’s individuality to compliment her beauty and form as well as to complement her lifestyle.

Our mission

Beautifully made in Italy, SDress maintains the small carbon footprint of the manufacturing throughout its long life, minimising waste, maintenance costs and energy. The designs are clean and trendproof to last the exceptionally long life of the fabrics we use.

Quality is our priority

The fabrics are eco certified and manufactured in a carbon neutral and water saving process endorsed by WWF.

Quality Materials

The fabrics we use are breathable, hypoallergenic and feel great on the skin.

Iconic design

Clean lines and comfort are enhanced by thermal and ultrasonically bonded seams as well as the absence of buttons, zips and labels in all of the designs.


All SDress is machine washable and no iron, doesn’t crease or lint and any creasing relaxes with the body heat. Comfortably sculpting, versatile and adaptable to any dress code it packs very small as the best travel companion. 

Designed for every body and anyone, our activewear embraces diversity with a wide range of sizes and shapes, celebrating the beauty of individuality.