SDress: Shaping the Future of Sustainable Luxury Fashion

SDress: Shaping the Future of Sustainable Luxury Fashion

Luxurious sustainable fashion at a crossroads

While most of us still associate the word ‘luxury’ with extravaganza or super-rich, luxury fashion market is at an actual tipping point. Being the second most polluting industry in the world, the impact of fashion on our planet is simply appalling. Not to mention the sheer scale of water required to produce a single cotton shirt, it also discards up to 8,000 different synthetic chemicals into freshwater. 

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What happens to the clothes that are either unsold or out-of-fashion? In the UK alone, an estimated £150m worth of unwanted clothes ends up in landfill every year. And yet, very few fashion brands are actually adopting sustainability at the heart of their businesses. In fact, ‘sustainability’ is still used as a cunningly deceitful buzzword by many, making the real change in the sustainable fashion market slow in coming.

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Sustainable as a key driver of innovation

SDress is one of the pioneers in the sustainable fashion market to actually move away from simply ‘reducing’ the environmental footprint of clothing to connect fashion with the values of society to build a better future. As a progressive sustainable luxury fashion retailer, we seek to:

  • Change the common misconception about luxury fashion,
  • Inspire modern consumers to look beyond the established fashion norms,
  • Challenge excessive consumerism and the culture of disposable fashion that pushes us to chase after fickle trends.

An Early Adopter of Green Technologies 

The future of sustainable luxury fashion market depends more than ever on a high-quality fabric. But a truly sustainable fashion label embraces the latest eco-friendly technology that sets every stage of garment production free from contamination.

  • Our eco-certified fabrics, unlike cotton, do not contain or release toxic particles that threaten human health and water supply.
  • We use ultrasonic technology to eliminate stitching, offering a much more environmentally-friendly and energy-saving solution to sustainable fashion.

Pioneer in creating clothes that will never age

Thanks to the durable nature of our fabric, SDress can be enjoyed for generations. Inspired by nature, our diverse collection features a range of natural and earthy colours that never fade away, keeping the dresses always looking bright and crisp. The fabrics we use are also very stable and don’t lint and fray or crease. You’ll never have to worry about your dresses falling apart or unravelling after a few washes.

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Revolutionising the way we dress

Our clean and timeless designs are aimed to empower women of all ages and body shapes with simple yet versatile lines. Our sculpting clothes offer a range of sophisticated features such as:

  • Second skin sensation shaping in a comfortable way,
  • Hypoallergenic so gentle on most sensitive skins,
  • They’re designed to naturally hold, define and smooth the shapes,
  • They create a perfect silhouette without restricting your movement (find out more about our benefits here).

Sustainable luxury fashion that is multifunctional

We think that sustainable fashion needs to be functional. That’s why our collection is a smart choice for:

  • Travelling light
  • Guaranteeing crease free look,
  • UV protection,
  • Machine washable
  • No need to iron
  • Low maintenance and durable
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable and hypoallergenic,

Our collection of machine washable and wrinkle-free clothes renders both ironing and dry cleaning unnecessary to maintain the effortless look. Dry cleaning also relies on toxic solvents that you breathe in afterwards and that pollute the soil and groundwater.

Whether dressing up or down, for weekend getaway or work trip, our sustainable and timeless designs are the best choice for versatile and eco-conscious women. 


SDress is London’s leading luxurious sustainable fashion brand.


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