The latest minimalist architectural landmarks to visit around the world

The latest minimalist architectural landmarks to visit around the world


Four Contemporary minimalist architectural landmarks

As a fashion brand, we believe in the beauty and the magic of minimalist mindset. So we always look out for the latest minimalist trend in fashion, architecture and design.

Minimalist mindset, to us, is about focusing on what is truly essential. From fashion to food, the idea spans across every aspect and value of our everyday life. Leading a ‘minimalist way of living’ helps us become impervious to the buzz, distractions and anything else that seek for our attention. Instead, it lets us focus on what’s important to us.

‘In minimalist architecture, the work is stripped down to its most fundamental features.’ The profound elegance of minimalist tradition in architecture sheds the light on natural material, geometrical and simple forms. So here, we found some latest outstanding architectural designs that embrace the ‘Less is More’ principle.

The Szczecin Philharmonic hall in Poland

Minimalist architectural landmarks - The Szczecin Philharmonic hall

Featured by Ignant, this contemporary philharmonic hall in Szczecin reminds us of ‘an iceberg floating through the streets’. The translucent ribbed-glass facade is designed and built to glow after dark, creating a sort of romantic and nostalgic atmosphere. Influenced by the neo-Gothic churches and its Classicist buildings, this notorious hall has added a new tone to the Szczecin’s cityscape. It has also recently wonthe Mies van der Rohe Award 2015.

minimalist architectural landmark in poland

Cubical houses in Spain

minimalist architectural landmarks in Spain

Located by the beautiful Medditerranean coast in Spain, this simple yet groundbreaking design by Cadaval & Solà-Moralesis reminiscent of cute white lego bricks. They came up with this unique look so that users can keep their privacy while enjoying the stunning panoramic landscape outside.

“The house wants to identify each of the particularities of this magnificent landscape; with its geometry, the house frames a multiplicity of different and specific views, and builds up content spaces that inhabit great big framed views.”

Minimalist architectural landmarks Spain

Nest We Grow in Hokkaido, Japan

Minimalist architectural landmarks in Japan

A Japanese architectural firm teamed up with the students from UC Berkeley’s College of Environmental Design on the Nest We Grow project, a sophisticated timber community food hub in Hokkaido. Using ‘a quintessentially Californian approach’ and featuring the ‘vertical spatial experience of a Japanese larch forest’, the building intends to re-create a traditional community space using the renewable material to bring the local people together.

Minimalist architectural landscapes Japan

St. Henry’s Ecumenical Art Chapel in Finland

Minimalist architectural landmarks Finland

Minimalist architecture often finds the perfect harmony with nature. Humble elements can make a powerful impression. It has already been proven by this copper-clad chapel, functioning  as a space of contemplation for the patients and visitors of a neighbouring cancer-care centre. As you enter, the chapel welcomes the visitors with warm and natural sunlight and beautifully curved walls made of pinewood interiors. Located in the island of Hirvensalo, this unique minimalist chapel tactfully plays with some contrasting ideas; light and shadow, humble and powerful, art and nature.

minimalist architectural landmarks Finland

(Image source: dezeen)

Colourful architectural elements in Turkey

Minimalist architectural landmarks in Turkey

Finally, minimalist architecture can also be colourful and playful. And it can be found in our everyday landscape. This Instagram account by Yener Torun, an Istanbul-based photographer showcases a series of colourful and geometric architectural elements and patterns in Turkey.

minimalist architectural landmarks Turkey

minimalist architectural landmarks Turkey

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Cover image credit:  Atelier d’Architecture Bruno Erpicum & Partners via.


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