Learning how to live the Aloha spirit in the Big Island of Hawaii.

What is the Aloha spirit?

With our easy-to-pack, travel-friendly dress, I went on a long journey from London to Hawaii. Despite the long flight, the feeling right after the moment I stepped out of the Honolulu Airport was well worth the travel.

The first thing I noticed, more than anything else, was the warm, clean and fresh air of Hawaii. It may not be the least polluted city, but, after all, living in the centre of London, I was reminded of the difference.

My trip had a purpose – what exactly is the Aloha spirit? And why is it so important?

It is not just another way of saying ‘slow life, slow living’. It is not just about laying on the beach sipping Mai Tai, although that is definitely a part of the plan.

The Aloha Spirit is a powerful way to resolve any problem, accomplish any goal, and to achieve any state of mind or body that you desire. The purpose of our trip was to learn the joyful (oha) and sharing (alo) attitude to life and get positive energy (ha) from the mother nature of Hawaii islands.

See one of the most active volcanos

See one of the most active volcanos

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Leaving the hustle and bustle and only 40 minutes from Honolulu city, The big islands of Hawaii was one of the most breathtaking and majestic places among all the islands.

The major reason why some people are so attracted to the Big Island rather than Oahu is perhaps its less hectic and more laid back appeal.

And, of course, there is the 377 square mile Hawaii Volcano National Park. Walking nearby the active volcanoes and seeing how the landscape changes before my eyes was the most incredible way of feeling the power and energy of mother nature.

Learn the culture via Kona coffee

Aloha spirit and Kona coffee

What I really loved about this beautiful island, besides its gorgeous nature, is the positive energy and attitude of the local Hawaiian people. Hawaii is also diverse in culture – with the influence of Polynesia, Europe and the Asian countries.

To find out its rich heritage, I visited one of the local coffee farms in the area of Kona. Brought from Brazilian cuttings, established by English merchants and cultivated by the early Japanese immigrants back in the 1920s (later joined by the Americans and the Philippines), Kona coffee is the living history of the Big Island of Hawaii.

The authentic landscape overlooking the sea and the scent of freshly brewed coffee in gave us some ideas of a thoughtful way of living.

The Aloha spirit and Kona coffee

Disconnect yourself and embrace the nature

The Aloha spirit and yoga

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When was the last time you get awed? To get that inspiring feeling again, I left early in the morning with my machine washable, slimming leggings to the mountain.

Doing yoga pose in the beautiful mountains made us realise how small we were and the importance of taking things slow in life. Exercising under the sunrise actually helped me re-think my priorities and concentrate on what’s important in life.


Stargazing in Mauna Kea