SDress and SHouse: Environmentally friendly fashion meets practical houses

SDress and SHouse: Environmentally friendly fashion meets practical houses

Environmentally friendly fashion & architecture

Sustainability is a big concept to tackle. But it intersects with almost every aspect of our lives. From the food we eat, the clothes we wear, and the house we live in. We can’t deny that such simple and basic needs have had tremendous impact on the environment surrounding us. So one of our hopes was to tie sustainability and environment with beauty and fashion, like machine-washable slimming leggings and crease-resistant sculpting dress, saving electricity by being no-iron and requiring no harmful chemicals to be cleaned.

Surely changes won’t happen overnight. But we do believe that small details like this will make a difference.

So when it comes to architecture, we also look for sustainable, versatile and practical design just like these gorgeous S houses.

Practical and modern house

SHouse from Japan


We found the ultimate minimalism in one of the world’s most complex cities, Tokyo. This seemingly intricately structured skepton house was built by a Japanese architect, Yuusuke Karasawa.

Unlike any other modern architecture where rooms are connected through corridors, however, this house is made of wall-less, transparent rooms connected by over a dozen different staircases. Once you step in this unconventionally minimal house, you will find yourself in a ‘labyrinth’.

Environmentally friendly fashion and houses

“Our hope is that this complex, layered network space will become a new architectural form that captures the various activities borne out of today’s informational society, where diversity and order are being demanded at the same time,” said the Tokyo-based architect in Dezeen Magazine.

environmentally friendly fashion and house



SHouse in Vietnam

Alright, Japan’s S House has surely visually appeal to those who value minimalist design and grandeur-look.

But what if you care a bit more about privacy? The see-through house in the may won’t be able to offer that. But here is another S House that we found from Vietnam where you might find a break from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

environmentally friendly fashion and houses

While these houses share the same name – they derive from distinctive concepts and separate projects. Introduced by Vo Trong Nghia Architects, this prototype is designed as low-cost / affordable housing for less than £2,500 each.

“The concept of the second prototype is to combine modular components and DIY strategy,” according to the project team. Using local materials such as nipa palm leaves, this simple yet durable house offers better shelter and natural ventilation with enough natural lights. Besides, using locally-sourced materials means the house is more environmentally and economically sustainable as the parts can be easily and cheaply replaced.

SHouse in Ukraine

Okay now you are probably wondering if there’s a more exquisite-looking and cutting-edge S house. We have a good news, we found one this time in Ukraine: SHouse by KOKO architects.

environmentally friendly fashion and houses


This S-shaped house, using the most high-tech construction methods, keeps the warmth in during long, harsh winter. This exclusive wooden-framed architecture is designed for the tenants to enjoy plenty of sunlight as well as the magnificent views of the Dnieper River.

Casa S in Peru

environmentally friendly fashion

Lastly, here is another impressive SHouse we found in Peru. Casa S was built to deal with and satisfy ‘three important variables’ – functional needs, adaptable design and the aesthetic vantage point. Despite the difficult sloping topography, the house is designed to adapt itself to the surrounding natural landscape, while allowing adequate ventilation, sunlight and ‘thermal control to reduce energy consumption’.

environmentally friendly fashion and houses


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