Planning a summer adventure? Visit these 5 exotic markets with essential travel leggings.

Planning a summer adventure? Visit these 5 exotic markets with essential travel leggings.


Five exotic markets to visit with your travel leggings.

‘’The purpose of clothing for domestic and overseas adventure travel is to keep you warm (or cool) and protected while enjoying outdoor activities.’’

We couldn’t agree more. But it doesn’t mean ‘style’ should be compromised.

So, meet our ultimate travel leggings for women – machine washable, no iron needed leggings, Andy and Andrea. Our high quality, high performance… they are the perfect travel leggings that fit nicely into your style and figure, giving a smooth appearance. When traveling abroad, it is important you feel comfortable all the time. No matter where you visit, no matter what adventure awaits ahead, a pair of quality leggings always come in handy. What make Andy and Andrea more unique than other regular leggings is their versatility and flexibility – creaseless, machine washable, and no iron needed to maintain their shape all day long. (So why don’t you save yourself the hassle and space of packing for your next vacation?)

Fashion essentials: travel leggings


Just to give you some idea of the places you can visit with your travel leggings, here are 5 exotic markets around the world.

  • Barcelona’s La Boqueria market

Seriously, who doesn’t love Spanish food? If you are no longer satisfied with Borough market’s paella stall, then take a short 3 hours flight and visit Barcelona’s oldest food market, La Boqueria market. Here, you will find a range of authentic Spanish tastes, from Iberico ham to Chocolate Churros. But don’t fill up your appetite entirely, make sure you stop at Bar Pinotxo, a small tapas bar for pil-pil razor clams.

Fashion essentials: travel leggings


But if you are looking for a real adventure, you’ll need to go a little bit further. Sure the Far East has been the popular destination, such as China. But for those who want to see more than just another global city like Shanghai, we might have found somewhere you can avoid skyscrapers, Starbucks in every corner and the same H&M adverts at every bus stop.

The ancient Silk Road Town, Kashgar – this place was the crossroad of the international trade centuries ago. It had been the pivot where the East and West met for the first time and exchanged goods and ideas.

Today, it is rather a rare place to go for tourists. But this under-explored Sunday market is still thriving for the local Uighur people. The things you can find range from watermelons, sheep (alive and dead), beautiful handmade crafts and to those unexpected.

fashion essentials: travel leggings


markets to visit with your travel leggings

(Image via The Gonger Flickr)

  • Witches’ Market of La Paz, Bolivia

Fancy a mummified llama baby as a souvenir? It is a perfect interior decoration that brings prosperity to your home. No? How about a dried frog?

Located in the heart of the town, you will find traditional witch doctors wearing dark hats walking around and selling atypical products and services (see more on Atlas Obscura). Yes, creepy, but at the same time the stories behind every ingredient and product are very curious and fascinating.

Adventure is about being awed by something you’ve never seen or imagined before. This market is full of such inspiration. So once you’re there, go talk to the witch doctors. But guys, remember to use magic for the good purpose. Always.

essential travel leggings

  • Havana’s Arts & Crafts Market, Cuba

Havana is not only famous for its cigars and rum. Actually the entire city makes you feel like you’re in an open-air art museum, thanks to classic cars and decaying – yet beautiful – buildings.

Situated in an old warehouse that was built in 1885, the market sells a variety of crafts and paintings that encapsulate the nostalgic feel of Havana. While beach and Cuban cigars are always good choices, don’t forget to check out Cuban’s latest art scenes too!

Cuban Artist Miguez

(Cuban Artist Miguez via Pinterest)

  • Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo, Japan

If you like sushi, then this is definitely of your interest. It is probably the liveliest and busiest fish market in Japan, where more than 2000 tons of seafood products are traded and auctioned every single day for half a century. And the way people have traded hasn’t changed that much. To learn and appreciate the local culture, this is perhaps the best location. But the best part is to pop up at one of their traditional sushi restaurants after touring the market.

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