Five outstanding fashion photographers and influencers on Instagram

Five outstanding fashion photographers and influencers on Instagram

Outstanding fashion photographers on Instagram 

Chen Man is, without any doubt; China’s one of the most celebrated and illustrious photographers today. Born in Beijing, she was only 23 years old when her self-styled photography caught the eyes of China’s Vision Magazine. Her unconventional series of photography was soon featured on covers of multiple fashion and lifestyle magazines.

This young, talented and beautiful artist has also enamoured big brands like Gucci, Dior, and Mercedes-Benz with her dramatic photography technique with an extensive use of digital tools. From Sophie Marceau to Rihanna, her Instagram feeds are stuffed with exclusive shots of stars conceptualized in the Eastern beauty aesthetics.

Chen Man, outstanding fashion photographers

Chen Man, an outstanding fashion photographers




Moving away from the East and back to the West, this superstar Dutch fashion photography duo’s Instagram is filled with ‘their finest campaign shot’ and lots of behind the scenes snaps of big names like Lupita Nyong’o and Björk.

The pair met back in 1986 in Amsterdam and created amazing work together ever since. Just like their award-winning photography, their Instagram snaps are also ‘hyper-sharp, offbeat and artistic‘.

outstanding fashion photographer

outstanding fashion photographer



The Impossible Cool’s Instagram beautifully intersects with fashion and art through vintage lifestyle snaps. Behind these iconic, classic and candid like snaps is an LA-based photographer, Sean Sullivan whose photography style is very much about the art of storytelling.

His page is unquestionably the place to go back to after every while for the timeless fashion style and a hint of rock and roll swagger that only improve with age.

outstanding fashion photographer

outstanding Instagram fashion photography


New York City-based Ballet Photographer offers another aspect of fashion, combining music and movement. ‘Beautiful’ may be the first and precise word to describe this Instagram page. But it is the subtlety and fragility of the art of ballet that makes his photography unique and special from any other fashion photography. While taken in the most unlikely urban and natural settings, seeing his eclectic collection of ballet images is almost like reading poetry.

outstanding fashion photography

Candid, authentic and simply born-to-be stylish folks – these are probably the three themes that would sum up this Instagram by Scott Schuman. And yap, fashion and travel can never be apart. That’s another message you’d get from his intriguing photographies. Whether on the streets or from the backstage, the series of work ‘create a two-way dialogue about the world of fashion and its relationship to daily life’. It is truly full of fresh ideas and inspirations.

The Sartorialist, outstanding fashion photographer

The Sartrorialist, outstanding fashion photography

Cover image by Chen Man via designboom


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