Ultra-minimalist packing ideas: Check out the latest travel friendly fashion items

Ultra-minimalist packing ideas: Check out the latest travel friendly fashion items


What are the essential travel friendly fashion items?

Whether you are planning a short weekend getaway or going on a week-long vacation, it’s always better to travel light and smart (especially when you have to make a last-minute dash through the airport). Hong Kong, Amsterdam, and Bruges – these are just a few of cities where you’d make the most of your holidays from travel-friendly fashion items.

But as we always say, traveling light shouldn’t cost the style. Just because airlines are tightening its carry-on bag policy and charging ruthless fees on checked-in luggage, why should we give up our fashion essentials?

Here, we found the essential items that tick both boxes: style and travel.

‘Fold, pack and go’ flats

When it comes to footwear, comfort and style are must, as you are most likely to be wearing the same shoes for a full-day when traveling. Sitting on a plane for long hours can be quite tough. Choosing your single, most favourite pair from your beautiful collection of shoes is just as challenging and time-consuming. The good news is that many brands are coming up with better solutions for fashion-conscious travellers like you. Tory Burch’s the Minnie Travel Ballet flat shoes are just one of the excellent ‘Fold. Pack. Go.’ examples. This beautiful pair of flat shoes, with their signature logo, not only gives you a chic effortless look, but also allows some extra space for another pair of shoes in your suitcase.

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Wrinkle-free shirts

No matter you are on a business trip or not, no one wants to spend time ironing or finding express local dry cleaning service while abroad. For those who have to carry smart shirts with them abroad, Ralph Lauren offers a variety of wrinkle-free shirts that will match your outfits (find out more here).

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Ultra-light pashmina scarf

Cashmere scarves have always been a luxury fashion item. But they are also one of the few fashion accessories that will likely to be your long-term travel companion. While you may think that cashmere products are the last items that would make it to your packing list for your beach holiday, they offer the perfect balance between function and fashion. The ultra-soft, weightless and delicate pashmina scarves can be used as a blanket to make shades from the sun, and protect you from chilly and rainy weather. Also, it will give you warmth in unreasonably cold air-con temperature in hotels and restaurants – trust me, the last thing you want is to catch a summer cold during your holiday!

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Machine-washable dresses

Needless to say that our dresses are also crease-free, they can be easily cleaned in the washing machine. So there is no need for paying extra attention and time to take care of your clothes at your holiday destination. You can simply roll them or fold them to fit into your suitcase without having to worry about wrinkles. Especially if you are planning a long vacation, a smart dress is an almost non-negotiable basic item to take with you. Whether at a luxury cocktail bar or a visit to an antique market, our feminine and versatile dress will always prepare you for any upcoming adventures.

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Need more ideas for minimalist packing?

Right, traveling light with style requires some difficult choices. Especially when you are faced to choose from your favourite books and dresses. Nevertheless, minimalist packing makes you a smart and professional traveller. And you don’t always have to leave your best pair of shoes behind. Though sometimes we’ll need to narrow our choices down, savvy shoppers and travellers know the right items that won’t let them comprise style. And we’re proud to be one of those brands who blend travel and style together so that our customers can make the most of their travel experiences.

You can check out our elegant travel-friendly dresses and leggings here.

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