Five simple, healthy and energetic salad recipes from around the world.

Five simple, healthy and energetic salad recipes from around the world.

Yummy, healthy and energetic salad recipes

Every woman has that one perfect dress that makes her feel great about herself. Whether it is an elegant sculpting dress or a black flared dress, that little perfect piece has the power to make you feel the most comfortable and confident at the same time.

But for some of us, it is not always easy to keep fit and maintain the body shape to make the most of our favourite dress. While some diets can be hectic, healthy meals are the essentials for your everyday life. Fruits and salad diets seem to be the obvious choice – easy, yummy and healthy. But is it really effective? Such diet methods often leave people hungry after a while. But not all diets have to be skimpy and difficult to continue.

So we found these alternative healthy and energetic salads with clear nutritious and satisfying benefits. Or why not simply try them for a nice spring/summer meal?

Thai prawn salad

Thai prawn salad - energetic salad recipes


Though authentic Thai meals tend to be extremely hot, a moderate intake of chillies is good for your immune system. In addition, if you love spices, chillies are considered to be suitable for weight loss. All the heat you feel after eating hot meals consume energy and therefore calories.

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Find the recipe here.

Peruvian bean salad

Peruvian bean salad - energetic salad recipes

This vegetable and bean salad not only adds more colours to your dinner table but also serves as an ideal source of diet – rich in fibre and protein. Besides this easy-to-make and colourful dish is perfect to bring to an evening party at your friend’s.

See the original recipe here.


Hawaiian style seafood salad

Hawaiian Ahi Poke is one of the most delicious and prettiest meals that only require a few moments to prepare (perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle!). While Hawaiian cuisine is lesser known, this raw seafood salad (‘a cross between sushi and ceviche’) is one of the most favourite dishes by the Hawaiians.

If you are a seafood lover, then you might even want to try the fresh octopus, oyster and even tuna – all healthy and nutritious ingredients.

energetic salad recipes - Hawaiian

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Find the original recipe here.

Turkish Green Olive, walnut and pomegranate salad

Not a big fan of seafood? Then you might find this vegetarian/vegan Turkish dish more delightful. This sublime combination of walnut and ruby pomegranate not only brightens up your dinner table, but also offers lots of health benefits.

Turkish energetic salad recipes

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Find the original recipe here.

Japanese soba noodle salad

Finally, here is another recommended recipe from our favourite Japanese cuisine – Japanese soba noodle salad with sesame sauce. The local Japanese enjoy having cold soba with veggie toppings in hot, stifling summer to prevent ‘summer fatigue’.

For the skeptical ones, there are some convincing reasons why you should give a try to this thin, Japanese noodle made of buckwheat flour. Not to mention its high nutrition in vitamin B, buckwheat also contains Choline, that is crucial in reducing cholesterol.

Japanese energetic salad recipes , Soba

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Find the recipe here.

Are you craving for more inspiration? Have a quick bite of our mouth-watering food board on Pinterest here.

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